I let go!

Your love was tingly, your affection was encapsulating...


Hearts like Gomer’s…

For every cancelled appointment He bore bodily brunt. For her, He was drenched in excruciating pain...

In-Explicable Love

In-Explicable L❤ve I wandered off, lost with nowhere to go. Or so I thought; thinking to myself Christ has had enough of me, I call myself a Christian and yet I live a life unworthy of His calling. You see someone once said that the difficulty in the gospel is trying to understand a love... Continue Reading →

Love Whispers

Love whispers There is a love that goes beyond human understanding Flows from above the Everest and overflows the shores of the Atlantic Oh yes it’s that gigantic Deeper than the rivers of Amazon and more beautiful than the gardens of Babylon Like the ozone, stretches and diffuses throughout the expanse of space but never... Continue Reading →

Porn and Graphy

Porn and Graphy Hello, my name is Graphy Before I met Porn, I was very fluffy My eyes were very young when he seized them My brain, immature My heart, delicate My palms, very soft; they could only flip biblical chapters It was an ecstatic seizure Until she came my way, I respected ladies I... Continue Reading →


SEE ME THROUGH A friend recently asked, "God sees your heart, how does that make you feel; scared 😓 or excited 😃 ? Well I also asked myself, "Does He see it only during worship moments in church or -err- always?" "ALWAYS?" So He sees it when no one is around  and I'm all alone... Continue Reading →

Endless Anticipation

Our eyes were locked skywards ; anxiety worked my belief making sure that my side showed up Flipped , turned , cycled and reflected the sun in  all  directions : silver My teeth, gritted, gnashed,  smiled  and frowned with all conviction ;hope Then we followed it downwards, twirling, spinning,  circling and cycling. The dust gave... Continue Reading →

See With Your Heart…

See with your heart.... "I would have lost heart, unless I had believe that I would see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living." Psalm 27:13 Nickle was just a little boy who believed his daddy will bring him his promised bicycle. For him, It's has always been the cycle; his... Continue Reading →

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