Coming again…

It looks like the people who believe He was born and celebrate Him for that are more than those who believe He is coming back again. Just like the former, whether you believe it or not, Jesus was born. Just like the latter, whether you accept it or not, He will come again and this time he wouldn’t be enclosed in a womb or feeble in a manger or forsaken on a cross. He will be riding on the cloud clothed in glory and might and salvation and dominion and power. And you know what’s refreshing? We will be caught up to meet Jesus. 

How are you allowing yourself to be prepared by God? Let Jesus take hold of your life today. Don’t just celebrate Him; believe in Him, express him and live Him. 
May our homes be filled with joy eternal, pleasantness and peace as we herald the Joy of our Salvation, our Exceeding great reward and our Prince of Peace. 
Merry Christmas.


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