I get you…

I get you

I’ve been there too
Sometimes you don’t really feel his presence

And it’s like he always manifests in your absence

You try to close your eyes and hope he speaks to you too but all you hear is an empty conscience

Then the worship leader tells you God is here in all his  power and magnificence

You squeeze your eyes and want to feel him in the midst of the silence

One, two, three, no rushing wind, no water; you lose your patience
Isn’t God coming today?

Isn’t he coming to stay?

Why has he moved so far away?
 I get you

I’ve been there too
Sometimes the temptations poke you in the face

Right before your eyes they pace

You remember everything God’s word says

Yet they keep multiplying like maize

They flood your cerebrum and build up an endless maze

Face to face with immorality you gaze

Countless times you have kowtowed to this craze
Afterwards you lie on your bed and wet your pillows as you cry

“God it’s not my fault, I was weak and you know I did try”

You justify
I get you

I’ve been there too

There were times I grew lean and feeble

But I just didn’t feel like reading my Bible

Prayer seemed almost impossible

Except for times I was at the dining table

I wanted to love God but I just wasn’t able
My mind expelled it

My words rebelled it

My actions disproved it 

My body rejected it

Yet my heart craved for Him

Back then, I hardly knew all he wanted was my heart

That if he had my heart, my body would follow


Do you get it?

Have you been there too?
When you really wanted to love God

But it seemed the more you tried the weaker you became

The thinner your faith became

The wilder your pleasures became

And it looked like nothing could bring them to tame
Listen to these words

No one can love God apart from his grace

It is His grace that exposes His love

The manifestation of love is GRACE

Yet the product of grace is Love 

Love for God and everything about Him

His word- truth!

His pleasure; you would treasure without measure
Loving God is from our spirits

Translated into the heart

Then it manifests in deed overcoming any physical and psychological limits

The more we understand his love, the better our relationship becomes

We wouldn’t struggle to feel His presence

We wouldn’t squeeze every fibre out of our face to look spiritual

We would just know by our intimacy with him that he is there, working in our midst

Pouring on us strength and grace like dew

Temptations will still come even on the church pew

Strife, pride, immorality, just to mention a few

But in his love, we know we have overcome
I read of perfect love that casts away all fear

I experience love that ignites love and wipes every tear

Love that surpasses feelings

Love that constraints-

Love that induces intimacy

Love that propels me to desire the master’s word

Words that breed hope

Hope that builds up faith

Faith that overcomes the world
I get you 

I have been there too

Now it’s time to get Jesus and embrace the LOVE he freely gives!



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