Ready to love

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If sorries were blankets
I would tuck myself under them and pretend we never happened
But they will not even qualify for fig leaves
Not even when I combine piles of them and stitch them into a fine weave
They will not be enough to cloth my sorrow
They will be too light to warm my marrow
When they grow cold and wouldn’t even proliferate a single blood cell
With the rest of my strength I would tell
Of how some sorries sore after all

If goodbyes were tears
My eyes will never leave them
They will clinch to them like the lizard hugs and caresses the tree bark
They will blink and nod as they sob
My nose will blow and expel the mucus they produce
My stomach will be grateful for letting its inappetite reduce
I will surround myself with cakes and savories
I will eat them and may be develop dental caries
Some goodbyes are not good after all

Some people have ploughed our hearts into a drive way
They drive in and out any hour of the day
Others have made them into a garden
They walk in, pluck our fruits, eat them and walk out all of a sudden
And they think we are fools
Because they lie to us and we sheepishly keep our cool
I’m not dumb because I decide to love forever
I’m just being human

I know love makes me vulnerable
It gives me mares that are undesirable
Exposed to pain and hurt and heart breaks
But how can my strength be tested without pain?
How can I know I can hold on if no one gives me a reason to?
So you can hurt me all you can
I won’t continue to stay
But my heart will go on
I will continue to love
That, you can never take from me
Love reveals the strength in me

So beneath the sorries of yesterday
And the goodbyes of today
Is a heart still ready to love…


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