Dear Soul…

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Dear soul,
My lovely soul, you are living in a strange world. The days are evil and now, people who claim to be good even smell of the devil. The times are perilous and the generation is perverse. So, people are now living the word of God in the reverse. With each passing moment that they get to justify their iniquity they write a new verse; rehearsing specific scriptures blindly to support their mess because they hardly live what they confess.
My soul, in these times holiness has been reduced to just a matter of the heart and godliness to another paper tract, when it should be our lives. People speak of the circumcision of the heart when their hearts are still sheathed in worldly pleasures that freeze their arteries to be colder than ice. Everyone wants to pimp the Gospel and give it a little bit of spice. So many have become their own teachers filling their minds with lies and lies and more lies. Interpreting the scriptures to suit their foolishness they lose sight of God’s wisdom. -Because to them reading the Bible is seldom and so purity has become an issue that stirs up boredom. They say it is archaic and all who claim to practice it in this generation are fake.
So a young Christian man will say,
“Why shouldn’t I taste of my beloved when I’ve got no defect with my waist?”
“Ei, don’t I have feelings?”
“Eventually we will marry”
“So don’t make sleeping together sound so scary”- we compromise.
Even some of the spiritual fathers will say,
“After all, God understands that we are flesh and blood”- we save our consciences and continue to fornicate in the name of dating and getting intimate. Let’s take our time to investigate.
Most of our Christian relationships are worst than unbelievers. In a frantic effort to avoid penetration and remain virgins we engage in all manner of unthinkable sexual gymnastics. Flirting is difficult but petting is okay? We don’t kiss yet we discuss topics that arouse us sexually and leave our underwears foggy. -And because we still speak in tongues we think it doesn’t affect us spiritually. So we go on playing along this insanity that stains our righteous garments and makes us more than filthy.
My precious soul, don’t follow the multitude and lose your godly attitude. People have created their own list of what is holy and what is not and gradually we are declining from the godly altitude. We have redefined purity to be only in relation to sex. So if it is any other, no one has a reason to vex. Our minds are filled with falsehood, our hearts with jealousy and our mouths with doom and profanity. Yet they are pure in our eyes that we are sure, because they don’t engage in sex. What happened to thinking on things that are true, noble, and praiseworthy and of good report? What happened to girding the loins of our minds? What happened to fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith? Our eyes are now fixed on our cell phones and tablets watching unprofitable photos and videos that are scarier than Lucifer.-And then we boldly justify that we are only interested in the storyline; forgetting that these things capture our attention like strong wine and set the normal thinking on rewind.

My soul, Christians now fantasize about profane music and claim they are not interested in the lyrics; just the beat, sound quality, arrangement and the remix. -And these sounds engulf our minds and put our thinking into a fix. Are we serious at all? We are just comfortable with knowing a few gospel songs, speaking in diverse kinds of tongues, visiting church on Sundays and living in impurity for the rest of the days. It is sad when we don’t even know we are wallowing in mud, partly because many of our preachers are not chastising us the right way. Many have become modern day Pharisees who only find their strengths in our weaknesses probably because many are suffering bigger headaches. So in today’s church there is no rebuke in love, no mentorship, no pointing us to Christ. -But constant pointing of stains without showing us the right detergent to use.

Now I’m not writing to condemn you. I’m writing to lift you up from your from your mess and show you how to live as God wants you to. You are the image and glory of God. Have you ever seen a wine glass being used to collect drainage water? What if I told you God values you more than that? He calls you a son. Don’t live like the grace of God wasn’t enough to make you live a self controlled and upright life. If you understand that God has made you holy, then don’t just keep it in your heart. Let it flow all over your body. Let the world know that even in this generation, holiness is highly possible and Purity is much gain! Not just sexual purity, but purity of the mind, thoughts and intellects. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you now and forever more!

Yours sincerely,
The Born Again Spirit.

(C) Phelyks Kwabena Agyemang 2016.


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