Hearts like Gomer’s…

maxresdefaultWhen those words vibrated my ossicles, my heart beat tripled

Why on earth will he tell me to marry Gomer? The harlot?

Why not a hawker or even a potter?

Why no one else but a whore?

A container in which all men dump their garbage

And I was to marry that savage? (Sighs)

Reluctantly I wedded her

And oh what beautiful children we bore

The kind that even the gossips adored

Our happiness was short lived and soon our marriage became an eyesore

My harlot remained a harlot, of course that was exactly what she was until I took her and wiped her clean and made her my bride

-but she sure didn’t enjoy my ride

She laid with almost every man in town without shame

Her dresses pushed her breast out and exposed her cleavage

They could only cover her nipples

Her gowns were so tall, they swept the floors clean wherever she walked

But what transparent and light gowns she wore

I could even see through them with my eyes closed

The wife whose bride price I had paid was out there again

Flirting and petting with every man on the street

Kissing men who couldn’t even make ends meet

Men who only for their pleasure roasted her body like meat

She enjoyed their heat and neglected my warmth

Dazzled by their lies and deceit, she became vulnerable and tremendously miserable

She deliberately did the things that caused me pain

But whilst she was still deeply rooted in whoredom

I went out in search of her

I still loved her

I was desperate to have her back to myself

No! I couldn’t share Gomer with anyone else

Gomer couldn’t be left on the streets to get wasted from all the bitter ingredients she had tasted

So I laid down my marital gowns and put down my covenant ring

I took on the image of an irresponsible street man

I became a street man for Gomer’s sake, but she never recognised me

The husband with whom she had bore children

I went to her as one of her clients and purchased her time

I made her cancel all her appointments with her clients but they wouldn’t agree

So they seized me and maltreated me

For every cancelled appointment, I bore the bodily brunt

I gave her my expensive white garments and put on her filthy whore clothes

Like a rag, I was used to mob all of Gomer’s filth

I washed them clean with no traces of stains

For her I was drenched in excruciating pain

And when all her accusers were no more

I opened my arms wide for Gomer to run into them

Unflinching love

All we like sheep had gone astray

Each one of us had turned his own separate way

We were bundled up in sin everyday like hay

Worshipping elements that could never be compared to the price Jesus paid

Our make-ups were more relevant to us than our quiet times

We carried our phones in our ‘bras’ where it could directly vibrate our hearts

But our bibles remained buried under our pillows or locked up in our closets

Where it accumulated dust as we walked around drowning in

And the more we craved, the more we got wasted; but we could never tire

When we were still engulfed in this rebellion, Christ came and reconciled us unto himself

When we were still lost in whoredom, worshiping the gods we had created and hypocritically living self-righteous lives, Jesus came down

He took our shame and blame and gave us a better life

He clothed us in garments of righteousness and love and prepared us to be his bride

Oh what manner of love has the father lavished on us

That we, children of disobedience, should be blessed in the heavenly places with every spiritual blessing in Christ

Now he has made us Kings and Priests and has placed power in our mouths

Gone are the days when we walked the streets in shameless promiscuity

Sexing around like it was our only ability

Hurting our husband with all impunity

No! That is not us anymore

Now God is our only husband

Our only delight and love

He is more than Hosea to us

He is our bridegroom

The very essence that makes our hearts bloom

He is our very life.



4 thoughts on “Hearts like Gomer’s…

Add yours

  1. I have read the story over and over again but it’s just this time ,its just wet my appetite to read over and over again

    Against her wish ???
    Dont even dare say that , exclaimed a friend ,who was trying to answer when a friend said she might have been born into poverty and tried to make ends meet .
    Yes that Gomer of a woman.

    Never , she was born into a family of riches
    A father who walked on precious stones was her’ s
    A husband whom many respected for his craftiness with clay was her’s

    Yet whore circulated systemically and pulmonary in her
    Her lymphoid organs and endocrine organs could only secrete and receive whore fluids

    Felix u make me wanna cry
    those words so mixed an essence of reality and emotions
    Infact boss I respect u and may God bless you

    Abi u know deda , Phil naa

    Liked by 2 people

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