Love Whispers

Love whispers

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There is a love that goes beyond human understanding

Flows from above the Everest and overflows the shores of the Atlantic

Oh yes it’s that gigantic

Deeper than the rivers of Amazon and more beautiful than the gardens of Babylon

Like the ozone, stretches and diffuses throughout the expanse of space but never gets depleted

Because you know what, no matter how much it stretches, love falls freely back to its original state when the force of grace acts on it,

It is mind boggling how enormous this love is

So huge that it cannot be measured

So plentiful that it cannot be counted

It is just amazing to see a reflection of this love on unpolished and irregular surfaces like us

A people who knew no love and had no truth in us

Transformed in our thinking daily as doses of love was poured unto our bosom from on high

Now we have not turned perfect over a minute but our hearts are gradually getting synced with the perfect being that lives within us

We don’t just have a strong affection for our enemies overnight

But there is a nurturing in our hearts by the doses of love we gulp each day

The doses are always sweet when you are sipping them but quite challenging when you are transferring them onto the people around you

It’s true that once we encounter love, we discover that love is our nature

So then loving shouldn’t be a problem right? Because we argue that it has become our nature

Consider the eagle who keeps walking on the ground without knowledge of what it truly is

When another eagle comes around and makes the walking eagle know what it is made up of, it does not fly to the highest altitude within a minute

It tries to hop, then it flaps its wings and lifts itself up

Gradually it goes higher and higher and before everyone realizes they are high up in the skies, fighting for space with the clouds

You will not just feel so cool with the people who hurt you the very day God’s love enters your heart

You don’t forget the abuse and hatred and the scars and just behave like nothing happened that caused you so much pain

But day in day out when you focus on your gain you refuse to let your pain control and manipulate you

As you fix your gaze on the finished work on the cross and the love that propelled a man with blood and flesh like you hung in the center of town

Stripped of his clothes like a criminal and made naked, exposing the filth and guilt he never made but carried

Your mind is renewed and you begin to appreciate the same people who hurt you

The very father who left you for good

The mother you never saw

The uncle who abused you sexually

The step mother or aunty who maltreated you

The friend who forced you to take drugs

The teacher who hated on you and made you fail his exam always

The feeling of hate you have for them doesn’t change in a day

But it will all happen in a day

One day you will not just say I forgive them because the bible says so but I’m finding it difficult to love them

And you don’t want to lie about it and go around telling your enemies how you loved them but couldn’t feel it in your heart

There will still be a growth to a point, where you can confidently say, that I have forgiven them and I love them

Like really love them like my buddies, like one blood with no disunity

That is when you fly high like the eagle

Love expressions become spontaneous and involuntary

You will just see yourself loving and loving

It will overflow the banks of your pericardium and cardiac muscles

It will be just love and love for love

Love is stronger than hate but hate is disturbing when you clinch to it and never let it go

I know at the end of this delivery, some people here will start hopping, others will flap their wings, others will fly to about one feet from the ground and yet others will soar up touching the clouds

Ideally I will be glad if we all flew to the highest altitude, but let’s be real here, some people will leave here hopping and trying to convince themselves why they still have got every reason to hate one person or another who made their lives a living hell

It doesn’t mean your love is measurable, it just shows how much you have swam into an immeasurable ocean of love and how much of your body is immersed in it

If you have never trusted anybody, put the love of God to test

Trust me that is the best you can ever do

Go back home and pray over your heart

Afterwards pray for everyone who has hurt you until today, the ones who are still hurting you and the ones planning to hurt you

Thank God that they are still alive to see how awesome God has made you

You will be amazed that many people gathered here will be prayer topics of their friends because you have also caused pain, not once not twice, but numerous times

So it’s not really a one sided affair in the end

I know I have hurt people, please forgive me

Whether I did it intentionally or not, it doesn’t matter now

I just want to say I’m so sorry not just with my lips, but my actions will prove that truly I’m sorry

Likewise to all those who hurt me, if God is not imputing my sins on me, then I’m not imputing your hatred on myself

I forgive you all. Not for you, but for me. I need it more than you do.

I need it to live free and think free and love without boundaries

If there be anything you will give up your life for, let it be love and I bet you, you will always have your life back, better than it was before

Love is God- Shalom!


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