A friend recently asked,
“God sees your heart, how does that make you feel; scared 😓 or excited 😃 ?

Well I also asked myself,
“Does He see it only during worship moments in church or -err- always?”


So He sees it when no one is around  and I’m all alone in my secret place?

He sees it when I share my food with that brother and afterwards curse him in my heart?

He sees it when I clean the church because Elder Joe is watching?

He sees it when I kneel and raise my hands in worship because beautiful Asantewaa came to church that Sunday?

He sees it when I give because people are watching and I don’t want to disappoint any of them?

Interesting huh? How we sometimes want to impress people who don’t even know what their lives are about. People who are also living their lives to impress others.
So it becomes cyclical.
The one you want to impress wants to impress someone else. Woefully awesome!
God sees your heart ❤ at all times and knows the state of your heart.
-Before you do anything else the next minute, I thought you might want to know, that He sees you through,
whether you embrace it or not it’s still true.

Phelyks  Agyemang



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