The Naked Temple

The Naked Temple (TNT)

You see me through
These words may seem light but very true
When I consciously wear them so he calls me “Boo”
And my cluster of friends fit me in them….. very cool; life’s good.
-But I tend to forget, that though my coke bottled body accentuates
and my endowed behind is his phone portrait
and the tight mini glorify my curvy waist,
it only creates an army of houseflies on a garbage waste.
They have no grudges if l dress to be nice
But not when my nice despise
After all, I profess I’m for Christ.
Trying to impress and be accepted, I toggle the minds
of my victims with lust and sex
When they try to accomplish the “I clear am” quest.
He sees me through and truly he sees that too
The uncultivated land now a public lavatory, eww
The naked temple…
What my dress did; Lord forgive


#Eben Cwabbignah Nkrumah


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