See With Your Heart…

  • See with your heart….

    “I would have lost heart, unless I had believe that I would see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living.”
    Psalm 27:13

    Nickle was just a little boy who believed his daddy will bring him his promised bicycle.
    For him, It’s has always been the cycle;
    his daddy never broke a promise. He will surely deliver his bicycle.
    But this time he was taking long.
    “Could there be something wrong?”
    He thought for long.

    His friends came to dissuade him,” nothing shows you will get your bicycle.
    Why wait and faint?
    The promise of a bicycle by your father was just a game”

    “My father will always deliver what he promises no matter what. I will just wait. His promise is never lame”
    Nickle argued

    Evening came and still there was no bicycle.
    “I am Nickle and I will get my bicycle.
    It’s been the cycle; my daddy never breaks his promise” he thought strongly.

    With every tear that fell as he waited,
    he strongly stated
    “I refuse to see the obvious. I will believe with my heart that my father will bring my bicycle.”
    Then…..  Finally

    “Nickle! Nickle! I am home! I have brought your bicycle”
    He heard his father call early in the morning.
    Without falter Nickle hugged his father.
    “You….you came!” He stated joyously.
    “Yes son I did. Soo many things happened. But the thought that you will wait for me no matter what, fueled my zeal to bring you your bicycle.”

    “Yes father. The wait was hard. But I decided to see with my heart that you will always deliver no matter the bad…
    And remember what you taught me good father….”
    “Refuse to see the dark…. wait and believe with your heart” father and son stated happily.

    In a world where there is so much evil, we need to believe that our God will deliver his promises no matter what.  Close your eyes to the obvious and see with your heart God’s  promises which are glorious.

    Believe with your heart that you will see good in the land of evil.
    Wait for your bicycle…
    Who knows, you might see Nickle.

    Monica Serwaa Dapaah


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