I Kept My Virginity

I kept my Virginity☺; what happened to my Purity😳?

It was okay to caress and tickle her butt
And let our tongues wriggle in each other’s mouth
In my mind I rejected the truth that stared me in the face
I interpreted extreme pleasure as love
And mistook breast fondling for intimacy
I was still single but was mingling at the wrong places
It wasn’t sex, just a taste of love
There was never a penetration
-but I recall countless ejaculations
Leaving her room with wet pants became normal
So I stopped dressing so formal
I tucked on piles of boxer shorts anytime I would visit
To cover the results of the caressing I couldn’t resist
Then on Sunday, when her voice echoed in the microphone
My fingers trembled on the keyboard like a leper trying to straighten his phalanges
I couldn’t concentrate on her worship songs
Shame pierced through my conscience like wild thorns
I had not had sex with her that I should vex
So theoretically I still had my virginity
-but then I realized I had compromised on my purity



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