And So I Choose To…


What can I say? It came my way
I swallowed the raindrops that fell on my tongue
I did not mean to go astray
Was just following through on what came along
Lessons 1, 2 and 3  learnt
But how could I see it coming to the same end when the beginning seemed all so different?
I feel so far; I better run
This time, there can’t be redemption for what I have done.
This is how the devil wins.
He knows I just can’t pray when I sin.
He knows I feel God doesn’t listen.
But then the Truth arises so strong
Reminding me of where I belong
Just as doctors are there to restore health that’s poor
So Jesus came to rescue the lost.
This is how our Savior wins
It really doesn’t matter where you have been
Or how far you ran
How long you were gone
It’s like the story of the prodigal son
He waits for you with open arms
Yearning to restore to you what was lost
For you He already paid the cost!
The fight’s been fought; Just run to God.

#Deborah Boaah Amuah


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