Porn and Graphy

Porn and Graphy Hello, my name is Graphy Before I met Porn, I was very fluffy My eyes were very young when he seized them My brain, immature My heart, delicate My palms, very soft; they could only flip biblical chapters It was an ecstatic seizure Until she came my way, I respected ladies I... Continue Reading →



SEE ME THROUGH A friend recently asked, "God sees your heart, how does that make you feel; scared 😓 or excited 😃 ? Well I also asked myself, "Does He see it only during worship moments in church or -err- always?" "ALWAYS?" So He sees it when no one is around  and I'm all alone... Continue Reading →

Endless Anticipation

Our eyes were locked skywards ; anxiety worked my belief making sure that my side showed up Flipped , turned , cycled and reflected the sun in  all  directions : silver My teeth, gritted, gnashed,  smiled  and frowned with all conviction ;hope Then we followed it downwards, twirling, spinning,  circling and cycling. The dust gave... Continue Reading →

See With Your Heart…

See with your heart.... "I would have lost heart, unless I had believe that I would see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living." Psalm 27:13 Nickle was just a little boy who believed his daddy will bring him his promised bicycle. For him, It's has always been the cycle; his... Continue Reading →

And So I Choose To…

AND SO I CHOOSE TO... What can I say? It came my way I swallowed the raindrops that fell on my tongue I did not mean to go astray Was just following through on what came along Lessons 1, 2 and 3  learnt But how could I see it coming to the same end when... Continue Reading →

The Naked Temple

The Naked Temple (TNT) You see me through These words may seem light but very true When I consciously wear them so he calls me "Boo" And my cluster of friends fit me in them..... very cool; life's good. -But I tend to forget, that though my coke bottled body accentuates and my endowed behind... Continue Reading →

I Kept My Virginity

I kept my Virginity☺; what happened to my Purity😳? It was okay to caress and tickle her butt And let our tongues wriggle in each other's mouth In my mind I rejected the truth that stared me in the face I interpreted extreme pleasure as love And mistook breast fondling for intimacy I was still... Continue Reading →

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