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We had two hours to compose a song and arrange choreography. What? Compose a song? How long does it even take to rehearse an existing song and get all your harmonies right? This was some holy pressure. We were grouped into four. There was Joy, Peace, Self Control and Love. I belonged to Joy. When... Continue Reading →


Take me to The King

Take me to the king   Take me to the king I’ve got so much to bring I can’t fake it anymore I’ve got heavy barrels and containers on my head Second hand goods, stale food, gel-like oils, and a whole lot of junk -and I’m dragging them all to the King Who guards him?... Continue Reading →

Dear Father

Dear Father, I’ve not appreciated your love enough because, maybe I compared you too much to other people; even mummy. I wasn’t used to the way you loved. In my naivety as a child I thought the one who loved me was the one who only covered my mess. Anyone who dealt with my problem... Continue Reading →

Let it be…

Let it be That I gave my all When it was my turn to live Let it be, that I released it all All of my pain and shame without the blame Let it be That I withheld nothing It was the hatred I buried Let it be that I had pride The pride of... Continue Reading →

Coming again…

​ It looks like the people who believe He was born and celebrate Him for that are more than those who believe He is coming back again. Just like the former, whether you believe it or not, Jesus was born. Just like the latter, whether you accept it or not, He will come again and... Continue Reading →

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